Profiles in Salesforce


1.Profiles within the salesforce controls what user can access and what user can see within the organization

2.Every profile is designed for a specific license.

3.Profile Controls  

a. Which applications users can access .

b. Which objects the user can access  .

c. Field level permissions.

d. Tab permissions

e. Record Type permissions

f. Administrative permissions

g. User level permissions

4. There are two types of Profiles in salesforce .

a. Standard Profiles 

b. Custom Profiles

5.Standard Profiles: 

Profiles created by the salesforce to satisfy the worldwide CRM requirements

Ex : System Administer

Ex : Salesforce Platform user

6.Custom Profiles: 

These are the profiles created by the users to meet his organizational business requirement. Every custom Profile may be just like anybody of the prevailing profile.

Steps to create Custom Profile:

Navigation in Classic:

  • 1.Click on Setup
  • 2.Click on Administer
  • 3.Click on Manage Users
  • 4.Click on Profiles
  • 5.Click on New Profile
  • 6.Choose the existing profile.
  • 7.Check the License.
  • 8.Enter the Custom Profile Name.
  • 9.Save 
  • 10.Click on Edit Button.
  • 11.Customize the permissions
  • 12.Save


  • 1.Click on Setup
  • 2.Click on Administration
  • 3.Click on Users
  • 4.Click on Profiles
  • 5.Click on New Profile 
  • 6.Choose Any one of the Profile Built on License you want
  • 7.Check the License 
  • 8.Enter New Profile New 
  • 9.Save 
  • 10.Edit 
  • 11.Modify the permissions 
  • 12.Save

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